This injured kitten was saved moments before being put to death because it could not stand the pain

While the volunteers and administrators at the facility do everything they can to make their lives comfortable, some animals may find life in a shelter less welcoming, as they may have to wait a long time to find the family they are destined for.


Because of this circumstance and the lack of space in animal shelters, some of these facilities have a pro-euthanasia policy that allows animals that have a medical problem, are old and infirm, and whose chances of being adopted are essentially non-existent.

While this may seem like a horrible solution, many places resort to it in situations like that of Milo, a horribly injured, elderly kitten who was despised by all.


This cat had a very difficult life; for years he endured the worst abuse, and by the time he was rescued, his face had been badly damaged. He underwent multiple operations but tragically lost his left eye.

Despite the best of intentions, Milo was using up most of the funds sent to the shelter on his own, with medical costs beginning to add up within weeks.

Volunteers considered euthanizing the kitten to end his suffering due to the unpleasant circumstances and low chances of survival.


Fortunately, a glimmer of hope emerged for the kitten when a rescuer contacted the Furball Farm Animal Sanctuary, a facility that specializes in these extreme situations and offers a second chance to animals whose days are numbered.

On the day Milo was supposed to receive his vaccine, Furball Farm staff arrived just in time, saving the kitten’s life.

“Cats that were supposed to be euthanized are allowed into our shelter. We are your FINAL chance. According to the shelter’s website, it only takes cats declared unwanted due to their behavior from hospitals, rescue organizations, seized animals and humane groups.


Image source : pets tv

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