When this poor baby was finally rescued, he was so sick he barely looked like a canine

When this poor baby was finally rescued, he was so sick he barely looked like a canine.

To say he was only skin and bones is an understatement. He was so malnourished and anemic that he could hardly stand. He was exhausted to the point of exhaustion and it was difficult for him to keep his eyes open. Saving this dog’s life was no easy task, but his rescuers would not give up on him.

The veterinary team provided the dog with blood transfusions and intravenous nutrition. His body was severely lacking in important nutrients and iron. His rescuer knew his problem was far from over, and stayed by his side just in case.

He had trouble staying warm, having no body fat, so his caregiver dressed him in a warm coat. He was happy and finally getting better. It’s amazing what a little love and tenderness can do for a canine who has always been left to his own devices.

Over time, his health and well-being began to improve. It’s a slow process, but any step forward is a step in the right direction! He is currently able to walk around and explore. He is also making new friends. He loves his new foster family!

Within a month, his fur started to grow. He is starting to look like a healthy puppy. He even plays and wags his tail. But the best part is that he is so happy! His rescuer decided to adopt him and give him all the love he will ever need.

The puppy adopts his favorite toy, a teddy bear, and happily carries it around wagging his adorable tail. Everyone who visits him is amazed at his progress. He went from a living skeleton to a happy, healthy puppy in just four weeks!

Good health care is essential, but it’s never easy to get, especially for strays in poor areas. We are so grateful that this puppy was rescued in time and continues to thrive in his new family.

He thought he had to give up his destiny and die in the forest but a miracle happened to this kitten.


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