Why do cats eat mice? Should we let them?

Why do cats eat mice? Should we let them?

A cat and a mouse are inseparable. All fairy tales, cartoons, jokes, advertisements, and literature confirm this. In our minds, the cat and the mouse form an inseparable duo like the black cat and bad luck. There are many myths about cats. Is it another one? Not this time! This stereotype is confirmed in reality. However, it is not about friendship, but a fragment of a larger food chain. Why do cats eat mice? The answer is below!

Cats are not vegans

Cats are 100% predators. Yes, even the stove lying alternately on the sofa or radiator is deeply rooted in the heart of the hunter and must eat meat. Even in him, the instincts will always prevail and will never be completely extinguished. And what about a cat that goes away! Most of his free time is spent hunting various victims, mainly mice. An adult cat living in the wild eats about 10 mice a day. Why did the mutants “catch” these rodents? There are good reasons.

Why do cats eat mice?

Taurine is found in mice. In these small rodents, there is up to five times more of this amino acid than, say, in beef. And it turns out that it is necessary for the functioning of the cat’s body. Do you already know the answer to the question: why do cats eat mice? Their meat is simply the healthiest for them. Without taurine, a cat can not function properly and the little kittens can not grow properly. Its deficiency is a risk of serious diseases and even death of the cat …

A perfect meal

In addition to the necessary taurine, the cat receives with the mouse a well-balanced meal. The size of the victim perfectly satisfies the appetite of the cat – cats do not eat in stores, they can only eat what their small stomach can hold. The mouse seems quite appropriate.

Cats eat whole carcasses, leaving nothing behind with a small rodent. This way, they also quench their thirst, as the bursa gets most of the water they need from their meals.

The mice provide some of the carbohydrates that are found in the mouse’s digestive tract. Cats don’t have to take more coals than their victim’s digestive tract. The stomach is always the most left uneaten.

More than just nutrients

In addition to being a balanced meal for a cat, their appeal is enhanced by the fact that the mouse tends to … run away. If this wasn’t the case, who knows if cats would be interested in cat food then too?

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