Woman finds a little kitten crying in the street and reunites it with its family

Woman finds a little kitten crying in the street and reunites it with its family.

It’s amazing how quickly you can become attached to a helpless little baby like that!”

Katie Long noticed a person waving a hand in the middle of the road as she drove to Mountain View, Arkansas for the weekend.

A little kitten was standing in the street, soaked and terrified.

Katie Long told us, “I stood there in shock for a little while and then we pulled her off the road to try to figure out what to do.


As they continue to search the small hamlet, Long begins to lose hope that the kitten’s mother is still around. The worried kitten, unable to stay alone, clung to Long during this time.

We looked everywhere, but we couldn’t find a mom,” Long remarked. She kept coming back to me crying after I put her down, which made me cry.


Long went to a nearby base store and asked those eating lunch outside if they knew of any lost cats. Unfortunately, they didn’t know anything.

Long stated, “Everyone looked at me like I was crazy.”

Long accepted the idea that she would probably have to leave the kitten at a nearby animal shelter, as she still had no solution. She was looking for shelter when she spotted a man walking to her mailbox out of the corner of her eye. She had a feeling he had the solutions.

We stopped, and I jumped out of the car and held her, according to Mrs. Long. “I asked him if he knew where his family was. Oh yeah, I think Bill’s cat just had kittens,” he said.

The cat and her family were reunited shortly thereafter.


The kitten’s mother was thrilled to have her little one back home.

When we arrived, Long noticed three cats in the front yard, including one that looked suspiciously like her. The mom immediately started feeding and bathing her when I put her down.

You can watch a video of Long describing her search for the kitten’s family here :

Long is thrilled that the kitten is back where she belongs and that she was able to help save an animal.

I’m amazed that we found his family,” said Ms. Long. It’s amazing how quickly you can develop feelings of attachment to a helpless child.


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